Research Offer

Offers of Cooperation or Research

  • seminars with focus on human ethology for physicians, companies, social workers, teachers or the lay public (doc. RNDr. Eva Jozífková, Ph.D. et Ph.D.)
  • ethograms of animals in breeding stations, telemetric monitoring of animals (doc. RNDr. Eva Jozífková, Ph.D. et Ph.D.)
  • analysis of video recordings using the Noldus Observer programme (doc. RNDr. Eva Jozífková, Ph.D. et Ph.D.)
  • cultivation of plants in a controlled environment, analysis of the physiological condition of plants, measuring stress in laboratory and natural conditions (Mgr. Hana Auer Malinská, Ph.D.)
  • analysis of biological surfaces using methods of standard raster electron microscopy (SEM) (RNDr. Oldřich Benada, CSc.)

Main research topics in recent years:

  • ethological studies of spiders, research in the construction and function of the spinning apparatus and their relation to the microscopic structure of spider silk (doc. RNDr. Jaromír Hajer, CSc.)
  • study of the physiology (namely cryptobiosis) and ecology of tardigrades – strain Tardigrada (Mgr. Michaela Czerneková, Ph.D.)
  • systematic documentation of protected and endangered plant species of the Central Bohemian Uplands (doc. RNDr. Karel Kubát, CSc.)
  • ethology of wild and domesticated animals and human ethology, physical anthropology and ethology of primates (doc. RNDr. Eva Jozífková, Ph.D. et Ph.D.)
  • research of the formation and structure of soil biofilms created by cooperating micro-organisms (doc. RNDr. Milan Gryndler, CSc.)
  • the issue of bioremediations (Mgr. Hana Auer Malinská, Ph.D.)
  • morphology, structure and mutual interactions of microbial organisms living free or in biofilms (RNDr. Oldřich Benada, CSc.)